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With Smile's online software solutions you can integrally work on reducing risks. Our software solutions can be used seperately to control risks, perform audits, register and deal with incidents and complaints and to structurally improve your organisation.

When combined, the solutions gain strength and create a complete platform for intergral risk management for strategic topics such as Quality, Safety and Data privacy / GDPR.

Why choose Smile?

✔ Integrally improve

✔ By and for users

✔ Easy and (GDPR) safe

✔ Service with a smile

Quality & Safety

As Quality & Safety Staff Officer or QSHE-professional, you’re working with different departments within your organisation for higher quality and increased safety. You’re responsible for several areas of focus and provide advice to the Board regarding quality and safety measures – a big responsibility, which is often underestimated.

Smile’s smart software solutions offer you more structure and overview. They help you save time and involve the workforce in a positive way, giving you room to grow from troubleshooter to “improvement coach”. This will make your job even more fun!

Privacy & Data Protection

According to Smile, the GDPR requires an integrally secured process. In order to become and remain compliant, the subject of Privacy & Information Security must be firmly anchored in the policy of the organization and there must be sufficient support from employees.

Are the measures in your organization in order? Do you also test them on the work floor? Do you have complete insight into your application landscape? Do you use incidents, complaints and potential vulnerabilities as an improvement tool? Or could you still use some help in this area?

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Proactively initiating, implementing and safeguarding (improvement) measures is the biggest challenge. The traditional ‘ivory tower’ approach no longer suffices. Agile risk management is rapidly gaining popularity: it appears to be the method to intrinsically motivate the workforce.

Do you connect the risk management process with internal audits via self-assessments already? Do you proactively request feedback from all stakeholders: internally and externally? And do you make the link between this feedback and (failing) measures to gain insight into what can be improved?

Every day, thousands of Smile users take the step towards reducing risks and creating more opportunities. We’re happy to help you with this continuous process!

Our Solutions

SaaS Software modules

Want to start with 1 process? Discover our separate software solutions for controlling Risks & Measures, Audits & Deviations, (Almost) Incidents, Complaints & Questions and Improvements.

Privacy Suite

The GDPR is not a one time trick but a continuous thoughtful way of working. The Privacy Suite helps you to get quickly on your way and is seen as the most complete Privacy / GDPR software on the Dutch market.

The online software contains everything needed to safeguard the most important measures, processes and activities in the area of Privacy & Information Security in your organization.

From a complete GDPR project plan to a processing register with integrated PIAs, a registration system for privacy incidents, functionality to process requests for personal data and much more. Everything has been well thought out in the Privacy Suite.

The software is also very suitable as ISMS and as support and assurance of your ISO-27001 measures and will make certification much easier.

GRC Suite

Smile believes that risk management contributes the most when it is approached in full. A risk manager who works from this point of view believes in empowering employees and involves them in the process of risk management.

From identifying and analyzing risks to implementing, safeguarding and auditing controls to continuous improvement: all different processes are involved.

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Logo Smile

• Founded in 1995

• Wants to contribute to enjoyable work and less risk with online software

• Believes in making a positive difference by doing decent business

• Continuously challenges itself to less waste, for example by promoting online meetings

• Develops products every day within a 100% homemade software platform

• Considers safe software and good information security to be of paramount importance (Smile is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR-ready)

• Offers ready-made SaaS solutions for Privacy & Information Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance

• Is distinguished by a unique personalization layer in which customers can (co-)work themselves

• Applies Scrum elements to make implementations quick and smooth

• Is growing, and currently staffed by 16 HBO/University educated professionals and 5 highly skilled flex-workers

• Values a people-oriented culture based on its own customer value manifesto

• Provides services to many clients in Trade associations, Education, Healthcare and Retail

• Is extremely proud of the very diverse group of satisfied users

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