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Privacy/AVG/GDPR | Governance, Risk & Compliance | Quality & Safety

Smile wants to contribute to enjoyable work and less risk with online software for Privacy/AVG/GDPR, Governance Risk & Compliance and Quality- & Safety management.



Properly dealing with personal data is becoming the norm. Every organization will have to comply with this standard. How do you safeguard privacy in your organization? And how do you ensure AVG/GDPR compliance?

May 25th is only the beginning

The AVG/GDPR is not a one-off trick, it’s a continuous thoughtful way of working. Smile’s Privacy Suite is seen as the most complete Privacy/AVG/GDPR software on the Dutch market and helps you quickly and well on the road.

The online software contains everything you need to safeguard the most important processes and activities when it comes to Privacy & Information Security in your organization.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Risk management is a top-of-mind topic currently. Not only is risk-driven thinking explicitly mentioned in various standard frameworks, the overlap between risk management and related disciplines such as quality management, safety management, and privacy and cybersecurity is becoming increasingly clear in a broader context.

It makes sense that most organizations are looking for ways to work integrally on risk management and more compliance. Proactive initiating, implementing and safeguarding (improvement) measures are the biggest challenge. The traditional ivory tower approach doesn’t suffice anymore. Agile risk management is increasing in popularity: it turns out to be the method to intrinsically motivate the work floor.

Get a grip on risks in 3 Agile steps

  1. Connect traditional risk management with internal audits through self-assessments
  2. Proactively ask all stakeholders (internal and external) for feedback
  3. Understand the causes that need improvement and become better every day

Take a step towards a more effective risk management process today to get a grip on matters that threaten your organization.

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Quality & Safety

It is our passion to support the audit and control processes of organizations with smart software and make them clear and simple for everyone involved.

Improvement guaranteed

We do this by automating repetitive actions and presenting the right information to the right user at the right time. This prevents extra work and allows everyone to achieve their goal in one go.

We provide quality and safety software for risks, audits, incidents, complaints and improvements. Our most popular module is Smile for Audits & Controls.

Smile for Audits & Controls is based on the best practice approach “Het Nieuwe Auditen” which was developed together with a large group enthusiastic users. Therefore, you can get started immediately and know for sure that everything has been thought of.

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Logo Smile

• Was founded in 1995

• Wants to contribute to enjoyable work and less risk with online software

• Believes in making a positive difference by doing decent business

• Continuously challenges itself to less waste, for example by promoting online meetings

• Develops products every day within a 100% homemade software platform

• Considers safe software and good information security to be of paramount importance (Smile is ISO 27001 certified and almost AVG-ready)

• Offers ready-made SaaS solutions for Privacy & Information Security and Governance, Risk & Compliance

• Is distinguished by a unique personalization layer in which customers can (co-)work themselves

• Applies Scrum elements to make implementations quick and smooth

• Is growing, and currently staffed by 16 HBO/University schooled professionals and 5 highly skilled flex-workers

• Cherishes a people-oriented culture based on its own customer value manifesto

• Provides services to many clients in Trade associations, Education, Healthcare and Retail

• Is extremely proud of the very diverse group of satisfied users

Enthusiastic users

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